@Astara: The bug you encountered is solved in the next patch. It should be released in the next couple of days (hopefully tomorrow). We're making the installers now and when we finished testing those, we'll put it online. The same bug was responsible for the overpowered dudes, the invisible npcs and some other artefacts. It didn't show up during testing because the QA guys usually approach the game in a different way than typical players do, and this particular bug requires a set of specific circumstances to be in place. Given that DKS is gaining in popularity, we're obviously seeing more reports of it, and support has been quite busy with it. If your savegame was affected by it, send it to us and we'll fix it. When you continue playing on a fixed savegame, chances are low that it'll occur again as it's an accumulation of a lot of things, but if you have the patch, it definitely won't occur anymore.

Re: Securom: Speaking as a player, DRM drives me nuts too. For two games I bought this year I had to go look for a crack myself as I couldn't get them to work (though they were use something different than Securom). It understandably pissed me off, even if I can understand the reasons for including it. I know this argument has been done many times before, but I'm actually quite interested in a viable alternative. Afaik, experiments done show that no copy protection is worse than having copy protection. Or am I wrong ?