I am playing as an almost pure mage. I do have enough strength that if things suddenly get nasty close up I can hack em up with my two good axes. Whirlwind is a great thing to have for this as well (I only have one point in it). Usually though I mage it the way through, concentrating on magic missile and fire blast, with almost all my stats in spirit - this is a must or you will be one dead mage. I am at level 13 with level 4 missile and level 4 blast, and even with these levels fireblast will kill pretty much everything dead right off the bat.(Really fun to watch actually) And then you spam like mad with missile of course. I think I would find it way harder to be a warrior, and I like the sneaky hide and pick em off approach. Never liked the idea of an archer. Never have.

Conan stood paralyzed in the disruption of the faculties which demoralizes anyone who is confronted by an impossible negation of sanity.