Alright guys, I'm new here.

Anyway, picked up Divinity 2 DSK 3 days ago, great game, I must say. Better than Oblivion, and reminds me abit of the original Fable.

So, completed the game awhile ago, tho FoV was alot easier than the main game itself (probably because my char was already too overpowered) and to not make it easier, I've had tons of skill books sitting on my Dragon Chest, so I could use them all after completing the game.

Sadly, I can't. As I don't know how to keep playing after completing it, and I was really looking forward to it, complete all other quests and stuff. So my question is; is there a way or a mod to let me keep playing it without reloading an older save? I remember looking at the map, at the game start and seeing some "Anti-Dragon zones" in Broken Valley. Were they left overs from the Ego Draconis overhaul?


TL;DR Just completed the game, how to I play after it?

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IDK what to put here, so don't bother reading it, you're just wasting your time... STOP READING IT!