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So yes, it is there for a reason, just not the reason your paranoid self thinks it is.

My paranoid self is starting to think that you are rather naive.

This is business as far as Valve are concerned, they're not doing what they do purely for your entertainment or to not make money.

What you have missed is that by using Steam, you have agreed to the SSA, in the SSA there is a paragraph that states that by agreeing to the SSA, you have agreed to the fact that they may in future charge a subscription fee and that you agree to pay that fee in order to continue to use Steam.

So, if they start charging a subscription fee, you have already agreed to pay them or stop using Steam.

If you stop using Steam you will loose access to your games, the games you have already paid for.

There would be no legal issues as you have already agreed to pay them.

So before you call someone paranoid I suggest that you take a look at all the facts, ie: read the SSA.

I think I know what section you are talking about, but I am understanding it in a different way then you are.

But lets say you are right. Do you seriously believe that Valve would do such a boneheaded thing like that? Seriously, who in their right mind would pay a monthly subscription to play their fully bought games that is not an MMO, especially when there are other avenues to get the game that does not require a monthly subscription, like buying from other Digital Distributors or even buying the physical copies. The only way Valve could have any hope of making that work and not go out of business, is if the whole industry did it as well, meaning that you would even have to pay Gamestop a monthly fee to play any of your physical copies of the game you bought from them, or Go Gamer, or even Wal-Mart.

"Can they" and "Would they" are completely different things.