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I applied the patch today. It fixed the issue with the teleporters being blocked by rocks (I gained access to Rayhun) but the quest "a guild without a master" is still bugged for me : I take the quest, beat the bad guys without the master getting killed but it doesn't trigger the end of the quest and I'm locked inside the building...

Sounds like it must be a different bug; you could email the support guys with a savegame at the ready, they're pretty good at looking into stuff like that given a couple of days.

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I don't know if it can help but i noticed if I wait sometimes the number of foes decreased : sometimes I just fight one ennemy, sometimes they're 5.

I wish I'd known that before - especially when I originally played ED! I've always had five of them, but assuming it's not part of your bug, just one Black Ring dude would be far more preferable. Well, obviously. grin

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