It is still not a monopoly they don't control enough of the market in order to be considered as such, they need 100% control as I stated before, of their goods, which in this cause is video games, which means they need Impulse, D2D, Fileplanet (In some cases), and almost every storefront selling non-steam games to close up shop or be bought out to do so, they then need to make sure that every game studio that makes a game is set to a contract of forced use of Steam. Should they gain even one of those, the US government will step in with the old 'trust buster' law and take the company apart to prevent a monopoly from ever happening again. Should this be a service outside the US (Which Steam is controlled by Valve and thus a US interest) the law would not apply. Steam is not nor will it ever be a monopoly because there are too many competitors out there, what Steam is, is a brilliant distribution platform, that while having flaws, ensures a high level of feedback and profit for developers whoever they may be.

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