I bought Divinity II DKS on release day for 39.99 horsey

Doing some last minute xmas shopping for the kids and had a snoop in GAME and they are asking 42.99 for DKS in the high street shop today!

We all want the game to do well, but putting the price up which I have never seen in all my years of gaming just two weeks before xmas is taking the!!!!! Just when Fable 3 has a price slash... Out of all the games why DKS??? suspicion

Remember folks prices are cheaper online but seening as GAME and GAMESTAION who are both the same company have the upper had being the only big retail shop on the high street to stock it just be a litle careful.

Online price at GAME 32.99
Link: Divinity 2: Dragon Knight Saga (Xbox 360)

**rant over**

Divinity II: XBOX 360
Region: PAL (UK)
Display: 1080i HDMI PC