I phoned UK Consumer Direct this afternoon.

Told them that the prices differed wildly from web to store to download site etc, the lady I spoke to said she would do some digging and would call me back.

Sure enough, she did.

She told me she had visited their IT dept and some of the guys that work there are gamers and that they were quite up in arms about this and that they had verified what I had told her.

She also said that while it seemed unethical to have different pricing structures, Game are legally entitled to do so as the shops, the mail order and the download site (metaboli) are all registered as seperate business's, so its legally acceptable for them to do what they do, she was very sorry, but at this time, there's not a damn thing that can be done about it.

She did say that MP's are being lobbied to bring about a change to this situation but in her own words - quote "That mill grinds slowly".

So for now folks, the only thing you can vote with, is your feet.

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