We were lucky in the UK, almost all corner shops would sell the likes of Mastertronic 1.99 titles, Codemasters, Firebird ect... We also had Boots in competition with WHSmiths. I can't remember the store name but around 1987 a shop named something like Ultima was the first real 100% dedicated gaming shop - GAME put them under in the early 90's. Was a great shop for it's time!! frown

GAME when it first opened was also a GREAT shop, but some years later Electronic Boutique bought them out but kept the name. I called Elec Boutique the Dead Skin shop because you would not always get new stuff in the box - this was before the days of Part-xing.

C64 SID ruelz and yeah Last Ninja was awesome. smile

Manics of Noise
Turbo OutRun

Ghouls'n'Ghosts, Turricain 1 & 2. I loved Rick Dangerous. Thrust was awesome too.

Spectrum had a really cool version of Super Sprint!

I still have all my retro stuff. smile

Divinity II: XBOX 360
Region: PAL (UK)
Display: 1080i HDMI PC