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Bring back the days when WHSmiths was 'the' place to buy your games at.

Showing my real age now. :hihi:

Was that Spectrum & C64 games then? now THAT'S really showing my age.
£10.99 for the latest releases and £2.99 for budget games laugh


I had a binatone home console when I was about seven that played about 12 variations of pong in black and white, this was years before even the Atari 2600 came out... grin

lol I just don't want to admit I had a lot of fun with that back in 1981_ish??? My dad had one and we played the then Virtua Tennis for days none stop. stupid

Had Snoopy Tennis Game & Watch xmas 1982 because of that... Donkey Kong .Jr was better. laugh

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