I never said it shouldn't be similar, of course it should be similar, its the same series.

What I'm saying is that they didn't develope anything new, yes they tweaked this and altered that and gave it a new storyline and quests but it uses everything that was in Fallout 3, one of the reasons that it was so buggy was that half the damn scripts from Fallout 3 were still running in the New Vegas game.

As for the term "port" or "conversion", who gives a shit what you call it, they took all the assets from Fallout 3 and used them in New Vegas, thats means they converted Fallout 3 to New Vegas.

Nehrim is a "conversion" for Oblivion, the installer takes all the game content for Oblivion and uses it for Nehrim, so how the hell is taking all the stuff from Fallout 3 and using it in New Vegas not a conversion or a port, everything from Fallout 3 has been ported into New Vegas, even the stuff thats in Fallout 3 that doesn't show up in New Vegas is still there in the game folder, don't believe me ? then open the Geck and check it out for yourself.

The fact remains that New Vegas is not a completely new game, which is what your being charged for.

As for "not everyone mods the game", the main reason that many many people buy Bethesda games is because they "can" mod them.

Steam does put some people off, try to remember the fact that just because you have an opinion doesn't mean that everybody else has the same opinion. When a lot of folks found out that New Vegas was Steam only there was hell on, Bethesda forums moderators deleted thousands of posts from people complaining about it, then there was hell on about the posts being deleted and all those posts got deleted too.

At least you agree that Bethesda made a bloody mess of Gamebryo.

And finally, I finished off the last of my Xmas shopping (mmmmm beer) in good old Tesco's and there was Fallout NV at £22, somat is definately up when Tesco's drops the price of games.

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