Well, so far the patch seemed to install successfully, but I can't install any of the updates for DKS as it tells me it can't find any installation of DKS, I'm thinking this is just due to the launcher's searching for a certain folder name, I'm looking into a way around this. If anyone knows of one please share laugh The patch DID install, setup completed successfully and the icon has changed, the game loads up the intro movie and then begins to load the menus. Alas, at that point only a black screen shows up. I'll post more as I know it. After I mess with it a bit I'll also send an email.


I managed to get it installed and I can load a game up and play, if you try to load pre FOV savegames it of course crashes, I did try, just to see what would happen. My saves from after arriving in FoV work as far as I can tell so far. There are issues with the graphics in the options menu, it appears that the menu is corrupt. I'll keep testing and post my findings here later. I did install the FOV2DKS patch into a different directory, and then I copied the FoV files into that new directory, that was the only way I could get it to load past the intro movie. Plus this way, if I go into the registry and change the setting 'addon' back to fov, I can still launch the game in it's previous incarnation, without having to uninstall and reinstall the game. To avoid any trouble that might cause, I've backed up C:\Users\'myuser'\AppData\Local\Divinity2\ both profile and save games, and deleted the information under the 'Profile' folder so that it reloads all the files from that folder each time I change 'addon' value. Oh, you also have to change the game path to the correct folder if reverting to the FoV installation.

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