Thanks for the information laugh The current standing of the FOV2DKS on my system is that if I try to install the patch, it seems to install fine, it also shrinks the game folder to ~6GB. However, if I leave it that way, the game loads and then I get only a black screen once the intro movie has played out and the loading screen icon spins. It looks like it really wants to try and load up beyond that point, but it will not. If I copy the files from the backup I made of my installation prior to the patch into the folder, the game does indeed load. All the menu and loading screen graphics are corrupt at that point though, and as I show in the picture of the options menu above, none of the options check boxes show up. The game also crashes when trying to enter Farglow if you begin a new game, or as it completes loading a save game from FoV, or within 10 seconds of loading said game. That is after a complete uninstall/reinstall of the game and the patch. If I don't install the FoV2DKS patch, the game works great as it always has. Also of note, after applying the FOV2DKS patch, in the registry under the DTP key, the version number there is 1.4.3, rather than the, though if you copy the old files over the patched version of the game, and do not overwrite the files that already exist, you can get to the main menu as shown in a picture above, and it displays the correct version.

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