Hello again smile !

After a long time Jurden wake up again and keep going further on his adventure biggrin

Yes Macbeth, having enough Restoration potions is a very good thing smile ! And I have much of them (more than 100!).

More than one "nearby death experience" have passed !! eek
Especially "Lizard Archmages" are very dangerous !!! Also Steel Guardians and a Wraith, but the last one wasn't a big problem since I, Jurden, was already level 36.
Many Quests I've done before I go the Stormfist Castle. Iona's Dungeon I've cleared out of "al that is evil" ...

My HP is now a little more than 1000 and my Mana I think around 500 points.
My Strength ca 70, Agilty ca 65 (with Magical lockpicks of Finnigan with me!), Intelligence around 50 and constitution more than 100 (I think 115).

But without gear MUCH much lesser stats!! I have buy/find great gear and charms!
Now I sell as much as I can for making big sum of money biggrin ... on this moment I have more than a half million goldcoints delight !
Now I can buy all the best charms I wish to use, especially charms that boost my HP, Mana, Vitality, Intelligence ...

I have buy/find 3 different equipment items that give a point in the skills Identify AND Repair !
Almost all the gear that give me "a Skill" I keep them ! smile

Now I have my Teleporterstones back from Zixzax, kill the Succubus without any problems. Elemental Arrows is a great skill ! but to say I have search always for the best bows and ther're great ones!

on this moment I gather the Council of Seven ... and have done 4 of them now: Mardaneus, Anxz (Imps), Orc (forgot his name) and naturally the Wizard Zandalor ...

Happy Jurden smile

On 7th of february 2015 : I start a new adventure in the Divinity world of Original Sin,
it's a Fantastic Freaking Fabulous Funny ... it's my All Time Favorite One !