Finally I'm defeating the five Black Ring Members, finally !
Now I'm level 48. I think I gonna reach level 49 when I go to defeat the Lord of Chaos. Never make use of the Wisdom skill or put a gear on with wisdom. And also missed 1 (important) questreward in Rivertown ... but no reason to begin cry

Have had a thrilling time defeating 6 (or more) Sand Devils at the entree of the Blakc Ring Hall ! More than one almost nearby death experience I had !!
First try the slow way: using the Bow of Hilfin + Deathly Discs spell. but it goes faster with the Sword of the Gods (Freeze on it) and using the special Warrior skill & switching between Restoration spell and Deathly Discs. Two Sand Devils the time was more than enough ! If a third comes, I go run away! The ghosts aren't any problem because I think my Spiritual resistance is more than high enough( ca 150 ŕ 175), only there where soo many that I can't see clearly if a Sand Devil comes with them ! Never used so many restoration spell or potions in the Wastelands than at that critical moment! One Sand Devil is not a big problem, but six of them? O no ! My only hope: Run for your life!!
But I can't run far!! Too dangerous around the entree! Or I must take my spell to become a Ghost again? No, I wish to make short, but careful(!), work of all that is "D-evil" hahahaha ...

And now it's kind of peace of cake defeating Iona and especially Demona! Iona I can't Freeze her with that spell, but Demona .. simply Freeze her (or with my Sword!) and then with Elemental Arrows (level 5) Demona was in less than 10 seconds defeated !! biggrin
But with bow expertice 4 and Sword exp 4 it's a fast attack ! delight

Only a Inferial (or something) Zombie was also a nearby death experience, I think it was in Iona's Fortress. But so far the other enemies can't stay for long :hihi:

My HP is now around 1300 and also my Mana ! I buy all charms I can because I've the money now (starting with more than 1 milloin in the beginning of the Wastelands and now I have around a half million, but many charms spend in gear! )
Lucky I don't sell stuff in Rivellon that has 5 charmslots, but bring it with me to the Wastelands smile ! Now that comes in handy. Kroxy have not so often a charmed gear I can buy. Sometimes with 3 charmslots ... and I going trade many times with Kroxy !

On 7th of february 2015 : I start a new adventure in the Divinity world of Original Sin,
it's a Fantastic Freaking Fabulous Funny ... it's my All Time Favorite One !