after eight months of playing this real mastepiece Divine div yesterday I finished of the last of the five Black Ring members & the Demon of Lies ! After killing the last Black Ring Member, Cornelius, I reached Level 50 !

Josephina was the most dangerous one !!
But I have found a funny/handy trick to defeat her:
After she see me and before she will begin to attack me with the "Blind"-spell + Hell Spikes, I pause the game and select "Embrance Shadow" (just 1 skillpoint from an Amulet, the Strange Amulet of Mardec) and use it! Then I draw my Sword of the Gods with extra poison charges on it (50!) via Poison Weapon skill and begin to attact her! The Sword of the Gods have also Frost(4) on it, so that works fine for her and the Deathknights she already had summoned! Especially the poison is very deatly for the Deathknights, but also Josephina is a little bit confused when my sword poisoned her!! biggrin
I'm happy I finally find a way to kill this evil Black Ring member faster than ever before and without many restoration potions (like I must have taken many before!!).

Without ANY reloads for better loot, but with many many trading and much patient my stats are great! MY HP was above 1500 and my Mana more than 1400 ! But I put in many high quality charms (buying many from Kroxy! - almost all my money goes to charms!). What is worth Jurden's money at the final battle? Nothing more than "metal" :hihi:

And now I'm waiting for the Xbox patch of the DKS to begin playing Divinity II on "Nightmare Difficulty Mode" ! AND also my style of playing: no reloads for better loot + hero got killed = total Game Over! wink ...
I'm afraid if the patch don't coming out soon I begin a brand new hero in DD :hihi: (luckely I go on hollyday during the last week of january 2011 !)
Next time I wish to try a Mage type, a heroďn.

I'm curious how long, how many months, I will be playing Divnity II to the final end of Flames of Vengeance (I only ones tested the beginning of the add-on at the Studios of Larian) ... .

On 7th of february 2015 : I start a new adventure in the Divinity world of Original Sin,
it's a Fantastic Freaking Fabulous Funny ... it's my All Time Favorite One !