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Raze, I really appreciate your expertise and your willingness to help an old man. I have another question.

In the Orobas Fjords, I have swum around to the second fjord and gone through a cave and beaten everything inside it, except for one puzzle. It involves jumping from platform to platform, as they move up the walls. When I get to the top platform, there is a lever which makes two more platforms appear, but they disappear again before I can make the jumps. Is there a way to beat this puzzle?

That puzzle's a swine. I hate anything that involves quick reactions and precision since I possess neither; but that said, it is possible if you're very quick: don't pause for thought, just leap and hope for the best! A permanent save at the bottom and a quicksave at the top should hopefully help if you need to have several attempts at it; I know I did...

And once you get to the top platform, you really need to get a move on after you activate the pressure plate (as I recall): make sure you're facing the corridor and drop straight down otherwise your opportunity will pass... and you'll have to start again! ouch

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