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if I remember well he's complaining about his brother-in-law ("beau-frre" in French) Bellegar that summons all kinds of creatures.

It's a bit different actually: Bellegar plays tricks with Robin's dead brother-in-law, but he isn't the brother-in-law himself. smile


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In the ground, out of it again, in the ground, out of it again... Annoying things! Fifty six kills and it was my dead brother-in-law again each and every time. Bloody Bellegar and his bloody jokes!

Aaah, I should have guessed it really wasn't possible for Bellegar to have an ordinary familly :p I'm wondering why I misunderstood, I'll checked next time how it was translated.

Anyway, I'm not sure Maxos was a dragon knight himself... he had the power to make them, but that doesn't mean he decided to be one of them. That would explain both Maxos' disappearance and Bellegar's mysterious superpowers.

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