Thank you very much for this patch! Other developers wouldn't have gone out of their way for their community. smile

My experience installing it wasn't smooth at all though. Maybe the following helps avoiding some issues in your next DL project.

I installed ED & FoV (German) and downloaded the patch through the autopatcher. It created a new directory and placed a few files in it. Then I installed ... and it didn't work because a source file was corrupted. I had to DL again. A 5 GB download through a 3 Mbit line is not funny - it takes several hours. It worked correctly the 2nd time.

It would have been quite easy to catch, or it least significantly improve, by you (Larian):
a) Make the files much smaller. Redownloading a 2GB file is hell if your server apparently doesn't even support resume. 200MB parts, or maybe 500MB, sounds about right.
b) Trying to install from a damaged source must not happen. See c).
c) You should include a checksum file and verify the file status before installing. If something is broken immediately redownload it. (Which is another reason why the files should be smaller. wink )
d) The installer only said something like "File XXX couldn't be copied due to a broken source file". The key info is missing: Which source file is broken ?!

To end on a positive note, I was happy to see the autopatcher recognized which files had already been downloaded. This made it possible to replace the files one after the other.

The game is running smooth as silk so far. smile