In the topic helpfull way to gain experience! (in the DKS/FoV help forum), Uriel reported leveling from 33 to 40 in 2.5 hours. Of course, it wouldn't be nearly as frustrating doing it deliberately.

how to reach level 40+

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P.S. I posted this in another topic, but in case anybody would like help to figure the puzzle out for themselves (and they skipped over the answers posted above)...
For the statue names, once you know they lie (mindreading Keara or finding the note), just write down the clues opposite of what they say. My interpretations of the clues looked like the following

M with H. D not with C

2 not D or C. W not with M

M not alone. H not in room with statue 3

4 either C or H. C either in room with statue 4 or W

5 not with W. 5 either M or W.
and then
From the last clue, statue 5 must be M.
From the first clue (M with H), statue 4 must be H.
From the second clue (2 not D or C), statue 2 must be W, since that is the only option left.
From the forth clue (C either in room with statue 4 or W), statue 3 must be C
this leaves statue 1 as D