After I learned what spawned Damian's war in the first place, and how the 'Divine' and his thugs executed Ygrna for her 'crime' of telling Damian his origins, I was appalled. Sorry, you get 'death' for telling your lover about his real parents -- you horrible person. Only under the worst dictatorships would such a sentence be handed down for a 'crime'[sic] of such mundanity!

The fact that the two of them were lovers at that point, um, didn't anyone stop to think about the consequences of killing her at that point, vs. the consequences of 'mercy'? What idiots. If Ygrna, and Damian had bothered to talk w/me, they would have gotten my sympathy and help to revive her (though if they continued their quest of war, I would still have sided against them).

In a similar way, though not to same extent, I hated the dialogue choices w/Rhode. Said this before and will say it again. Her response to my 'conversion' as being a 'Betrayer' was completely without sense.

* First, her logic (and Ygrna agreed with my 'state') was that I was left 'unfinished' somehow after my ritual induction(s) -- i.e. that I could NOT be responsible for what happened. That would mean that I could NOT have betrayed her (even if I had turned against her) -- since betrayal requires me to consciously and deliberately, turn against my ideals of slaying those who had turned against the humans and sided with her enemies. If my mental capacity left me not-responsible, then BETRAYAL, wouldn't be possible. It considered, that I needed extermination (much as someone who had caught the plague), but you wouldn't call someone who had been infected with the plague a betrayer for not having the 'resistance' to not catch it -- which is an apt parallel.
* Second, leaving they task of executing me to 'underlings' would be an entirely irresponsible action of my 'commander'. It would be like some manager telling 3 employees to go off and 'fire' one of their coworkers...
* Third, I was initially willing to work w/her & help her. The entire bit about her not wanting to listen to me or anything I had to say was completely illogical. It wasn't as if she and I had been long time enemies -- instead, I was her new pupil, maybe the last to become a Slayer (what need for Slayers if no more Dragons?)
* Fourth, this really bothered me after thinking about it for a while. Since when is it considered remotely 'reasonable' to exterminate all members of a group for the actions of one?
Such behavior is considered backwards at 'best', like punishing 7 generations of a family, or automatically condemning and executing all known associates and relatives of some criminal, w/o regard for how those associates or relatives thought of the actions of the criminal. However, in general, such behavior is a prime example of the bigotry present in racism and genocide -- generally considered to be among the most evil of actions.
* Fifth, wasn't the real enemy the 'Black Ring'? It wasn't so much that Dragons (Dragon Knights) were enemies of humans, but that supposedly they had betrayed humans. While that might have been true about *some* DK, in the past, it certainly wasn't true of me who was her protégée.

In general, I was bummed about my choices w/Rhode -- I didn't want to fight her -- I really liked her.

Anyway, those were issues that really hurt the story 'immersion' effect, in that they were so unbelievable and infuriating. Except for Damian's actions against all humans as his 'vengeance' quest (which can't be allowed to continue), I felt he was one of the least evil characters considering him w/Rhode (and Slayers in general), and those who executed Ygrna. Those actions felt more like they were the actions of 'evil', rather than 'good'...

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