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...leaving they task of executing me to 'underlings' would be an entirely irresponsible action of my 'commander'. It would be like some manager telling 3 employees to go off and 'fire' one of their coworkers...

I think it was because we weren't full dragon knight yet, and since we were supposed to be her pupil she could't bring herself to do it.

Two points here, the first being I don't see how she would know I was a full DK or not. For that matter, I don't see why I had to go through all that nonsense to become a DK anyway -- wouldn't Talana have had a dragon stone on her that she used to transform? What happened to that stone? That was another part of the story that was 'strained'. For that matter, what happened to Talana's Dragon Tower? It can't have been the one taken over by Laiken, as he had been doing business w/the bandits in the bandit camp long before the Dragon Slayer party (including me and Rhode) even arrived in Farglow.

How would someone of Rhode's caliber begin to 'touch' Talana? I doubt Talana would have gotten to where she was without having some wisdom as well as battle savvy, would she willingly jump down into a battle where she thought she was at risk? If the battle was turning against her, why not just dragonify and fly out? It appeared the group that attacked her was in the open area in front of Maxos temple, plenty of room to switch & run -- for that matter it appeared she had transformed, but not before sustaining mortal injuries. ??? So she can transform and fly away, but can't heal herself -- that strains credibility a bit.

  • Side comment -- why can enemies heal each other and other creatures heal me, but I can't heal my companions (summoned), or, even Talana at that point?

Second main point: if she couldn't bring herself to execute me, how much easier would it be for my classmates to do it? It was her responsibility, and for her to abandon her duty would speak of cowardice -- something she would never have done in front of her subordinates. That type of action would almost always cause subordinates to lose respect, even question her authority after that. Of course, she may not really have been concerned about what they thought, as they were only 'underlings'... but that would strongly say something about her character.

No matter the reason, it wouldn't have looked good to subordinates and would have been unacceptable behavior for a 'leader'.