The inventory menu can be confusing, but it will show the average damage of both weapons as reflected in the stat screen, as long as you have your MH weapon highlighted on the left of the screen.

As far as actual damage, which is an issue in itself, that is displayed in detail in your logbook on a per hit basis. It's very hard to understand exactly what is happening here. Was the damage from that particular strike caused from the MH or OH, or both?

My initial concern is if the weapon damage is implemented properly pending the weapon placement in the MH or OH. As the average damage displayed should change. This could be important to a player depending on his or her playstyle. I prefer to wield a melee damage based in one hand and a magic based in the other. It seems that melee enemies are more resistant to melee attacks and magic enemies to magic attacks. That would constitute which weapon to place in what hand, when facing that particular enemy. Given the description in the DW EXP branch (as in ED) your MH will always deliver more damage until you have maxed out the branch (10 I think) at which point the difference is smaller.

I hate to reference ED, because there are changes (most of which are for the better without question) and this is a different game. So, PLEASE understand I'm not trying to say "THAT'S THE WAY IT WAS AND THAT'S THE WAY IT SHOULD BE". I just want to fully understand the mechanics of DW in and out of combat, and if there is an issue that needs addressed and corrected.

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