I bought Divinity II today on the 18th of april 2011. After installation i try to run the game and get prompted with this error;

"PhysXLoader.dll Missing from computer, re-installation may help"

Now i have been searching the internet for 4 hours looking for a solution to the problem and none have helped. I do indeed have the file PhysXloader.dll in my Nvidia folder. I have a very new PC capable of running every modern game.

I have tried running the PhysX driver installer in the Divinity II DVD although Nvidia interupts the process and automatically aborts saying i have a Newer version currently installed on my PC. I have also un-installed and reinstalled everything else in the Support folder of the DVD. Also note i have tried to install new Physx drivers straight off the Nvidia website but still tells me i have a newer version installed.

I have tried reinstalling the entire game twice to no avail. I have turned my PhysX to "CPU" mode in my nvidia control panel which appears to do nothing. And of course restarting my computer does not help either.


I have seen people who have dled the game off stream have a the same problem and by the looks of things they have solved it by installing the PhysX software out of their steam folder that comes with the game (worked for some but not for all)

Surely this problem is widespread enough for there to already be a working solution/fix (or just a reason for the error) and if at all possible i would greatly appreciate some help.