I think it's a good thing the devs can use this info for the improvement of future gamaplay. From a gamer standpoint, I don't really get a lot from these achvs. They add to my gamerscore, but I could give a rat's bee-hind about that, really. Achivs for the most part, are nothing shy of the awards that I rec during the years I spent in the Boy Scouts, during my adolescents. Where there were 100's of awards (badges and pins) given for the most idiotic things, from writing your name to counting a hand full of rocks and witness the wind blow a leaf from a tree. (not exactly but you get the just)

However, achivs that award the player with further gaming options are very welcome. For example, ME1 and ME2 boast the majority of their achivs, award the player with additional powers, weapons and/or talents. These awards actually have a little meat on the bone, and don't leave you with just another "Hey-Look-What-I've-Done" medallion.

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