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The Amazon version will still have Securom and the 5 install limit though right? Doesn't really matter a whole lot to me either way since I highly doubt I will have to install the game more than 5 times.

I'd guess the Amazon.com download version probably would have the Securom + 5 install limit, yes.
Maybe Sven, Lynn, a developer, or someone at Larian can confirm this...? wink
Or someone who buys the Amazon.com DL version? wink

But at least w/ that Amazon download version - you likely don't have Steam version's double-DRM situation.
Steam's a form of DRM itself, remember.
You can always add any non-Steam program (EXE file) to Steam, if you want some of the Steam benefits - i.e. screenshot taking and Friends list.
I did that w/ the GOG Version of Witcher 2.

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