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The DRM on the current steam version is only Securom, not Steam and Securom combination. The only difference is that you download it via the steam client.

But as some people here have stated in several threads: you can start div2 DKS even when Steam is offline smile

If that is the case - does Steam have to run always to actually boot the game up?

Obviously - if you boot a game up within the Steam program, you will cause the game to boot up w/ Steam (ans its overlay).

If you boot DKS Steam version from off the shortcut off desktop, will it force Steam program to boot-up?
Or does it just the game itself boot w/out booting Steam?

Here's why I ask...

In Borderlands: Steam version - if you boot the game from a shortcut that you placed onto the desktop itself (instead of booting the game up within Steam client program), it will actually boot only the game AND WILL NOT boot Steam up. It will just boot up the game, avoiding Steam entirely [in that instance]. Does DKS Steam version do this the same way?

But, really - what about the DRM on the download version on Amazon.com?
Is that only Securom Internet Edition?

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