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What's "Dieselpunk" ???

I'll try and not go off-topic too much, but its a subgenre like Steampunk, just even lesser known. Steampunk usually has steam-powered devices, Victorian architecture/designs, and typically takes place in the 1800s, as you probably already know. Dieselpunk is 1930-1950s era technology, thus it has a more "modern" feel yet still has many of the odd devices and awesome vehicles. The best example of Dieselpunk is the movie Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Dieselpunk is often confused with Steampunk, though I'm hardly suprised that it is. Its slowly making its way into mainstream audiences though, like Steampunk.

The reason why I said Dieselpunk is because that red faction has a lot of features typically found in Dieselpunk, like a lack of dirgibles instead having jet engines keeping things afloat.