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I'll be honest. One of the reasons I liked Divinity II so much was because it scratched an itch Overlord didn't. Being an incredibly powerful... uhm... being and being the absolute ruler of your very own magical island made me feel like I was actually, genuinely in charge for once (even with Talana constantly nattering in my ear).

RTSs and God Games don't really give you that feeling, because you have no avatar in the gameworld and you're fairly disconnected from the action. Dungeon Keeper came pretty close, what with allowing you to be as cruel or as kind to your minions as you liked.

So, I guess, what I'm trying to say here is that, if I get actually roleplay my very own Dragon Knight while also commanding vast armies (or just one vast army) and perhaps even get my very own highly customizable base on a magic island of my own, I might be very interested indeed.

But we'll see.

Yes, you grew powerful in Divinity 2 whereas in Overlord, you were fairly weak against some enemies and couldn't progress without your minions. Divinity 2's Battle Tower offered no customization whatsoever whereas with Overlord, there was MUCH reason to visit your Dark Tower. I spent hours battling in the dungeon with resurrected enemies, I could upgrade my weapons and armor there, visit my private quarters and look at the horde of gold I have amassed and I could also visit the minions in their pits and cast spells down there. With skill, good armor and a good weapon, you can take down a Rock Giant alone. In fact, by the end of the game, my Overlord could handle himself in many fights and his spells were quite powerful too. Yeah, he was never as powerful as any of my Divinity heroes but he could control an army and fight, Divinity 2 didn't allow that.

I'm interested in this game because it sounds like it'll be covering new ground. The RPG elements...I'm hoping they allow for great in-depth customization of our Dragon Knight.