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Yes, you grew powerful in Divinity 2 whereas in Overlord, you were fairly weak against some enemies and couldn't progress without your minions.

It wasn't really that, for me. In Overlord you're constantly being bossed around by pretty much everyone (especially Gnarl) and you have no choice but to obey. You may look like Sauron, but you're not in charge.

Contrast this with Divinity II. Yes, OK, Talana constantly tells you where to go and what to do, but she's older and more powerful than you, so, whatever. Sentinel Island, too, forces your hand, but her actions are designed to impress upon everyone that you are her absolute ruler. And your servants actually act like servants who respect your power. All of which combines to make you feel like you're actually the one running things for once.

Unlike Overlord where you feel like you're just a glorified errand boy.