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I'll be honest. One of the reasons I liked Divinity II so much was because it scratched an itch Overlord didn't. Being an incredibly powerful... uhm... being and being the absolute ruler of your very own magical island made me feel like I was actually, genuinely in charge for once (even with Talana constantly nattering in my ear).

Well, I don't think Divinity 2 was meant to be an "Overlord" game.

and playing absolutely powerful characters - this is typical for Action-RPGs where the main goal is (imho) nothing but power-levelling and power-gaming.

And, there are just too many of this type nowadays.

It seems to me as if EVERYONE who wants to play does this only for ONE reason . To be the most powerful EVAR !!!111!!11 being within a game.

And "the industry" just caters these things.

Which is - by the way - in my poinion the source of the hatred for games like Drakensang or outright - as many say - "childish games" like pure "adventure games" (like Monkey Island, for example), which contain *nothing* in the way of power-levelling ...

I often have the impression as if power-oriented games are king and everything else is considered just childish, immature crap.

A few days ago I saw an entry on the animated TV series "My Little Pony" : "Are you man enough to see it ?"

Action-RPGs which are solely based on the premise of building an overly-powerful "‹ber-Lord" (which is quite a good translation of the title "Overlord", by the way) are nothing for me - aspecially since I favour story over everything else.

But "the induistry" follows this call : They do more and more graphically excellent power-building games with only a shallow to non-existent story.

This can be fun - but so-called "story-oriented players" want a story, too. And "the industry" doesn't deliver it, because it is sooo easy to build a game, and leaving out any relevant story, because a story = more costs.

And don't ever dare to call the story of Blizzard's D2 a "great story" in my presence ! - Because in the adventures genre, there are far better stories to be found, not this hack & slash crap ...

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