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Those comments are interesting alright. There's one or two idiots there who dismiss the game already; It's very difficult to form an opinion on what little info has been released. We can speculate on what it is like but for those people who say its crap already it would be better to wait till after gamescom before saying it will suck.

For me, personally I hate turn based combat games but however the other content will make up for it. Difficult to describe but I just get the feeling the game will be great and if Larian get their advertising right it will be a hit in 2012.

If I do not like strategy games, why does it make me an idiot? The game may be great as a strategy game, but I am not going to play it. I like a genre, not a developer. Yes, I am dismissing it, does not matter how great this game may be I am not going to waste my time playing a strategy game. Why should I jump with joy if I see that Larian are going to develop a strategy game?
I'll pick some RPG instead. Strategy games fans may rejoice, though. Good for them.

BTW, do you often get feelings like this, about a great success of some game? It is kinda super-weird, you know. I can't even imagine what it is like, such premonitions are beyond me.