Well I suppose I could have worded it better but I didn't mean people on this forum. There's a good community here. What I meant was some of the comments on that site from one or two members who dismissed it already. Note I said "there's one or two idiots there who..." I have also seen other online debates about the game where someone said I won't buy it because it will suck donkey balls.

So, I'm not saying you are an idiot nor anyone else here. It's pefectly fine for people to dislike games or a genre; from what some people might think is the best thing ever to someone else it may be the worst thing. The comments you made about the game are perfectly fine. Some other people though go the wrong way about expressing their dislikes with anything and by 'idiots' it was them I was referring to. You know the type of person who simply puts rude one liners without saying why they don't like it.

As for 'getting the feeling it's going to be great' It does sound good on paper and from the video. True the turn based strategy elements I turned my nose up at but I think the rest will make up for it. I may be completley wrong and for me it might turn out to be the worst game ever. It's just too early to form an opinion yet. And no, I don't often get feelings like that. It's just nowadays I have become bored with games and when something sounds genuinley interesting to me I keep a close eye on it. Also I enjoyed Larian's previous games so naturally I'd be interested in future ones.

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