Just read the two recent articles and seen the awesome screenshots. It's more or less what I thought it would be like and answers a lot of questions I put in other threads. Count me in!

Makes sense that you have your home base in an airship... guess battle towers haven't been built yet in the game's time. How many years is it set before the original dibinity games? As for being married to the skeleton princess with apples for breasts, well it would make 'relationships' with said female interesting to say the least. eek lol.

Edit; just been and read a few books that I had stashed up in the tower. One said the dragon knights were mostly good, just and fair but there were some that were tyrants. I guess you play as the latter in this game. As for the setting the books just say after the dragon knights were formed they ruled for centuries and more until the great betrayal and formation of the dragon slayers around 50 years before Divinity 2.

It's also nice to see that the game was developed for the PC in mind first so hopefully the PC version should be the better of the two versions.

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