The good press is a great boon I hope that means you won't have the publishers being as cautious as they were over DKS. I'm really looking forward to this game, I can't wait to sore the sky conquering Rivellon as a Dragon. I'm hoping though that this is'nt going to be the last we see of the Dragons & Dragon Knights. I will be buying this game on the day of release, I garentee that I'll be camping outside the shop for it to open so I can buy my copy lol. As much as I'm looking forward to seeing what thigs were like in Maxos' time I hope that you have a game in the making for our Dragon Knight from DKS.

Going off topic here, I know you can't speak about your plans for D3 if you are indeed making it but as I've said in a few posts I'd like to see a Dual story with the Divine & the Dragon Knight. The Idea I have is something like DKS were you have the option to start from FOV or ED but instead the options are D3 Diveine & D3 Dragon Kngiht. I know a game like that would be awsome & it would keep the fans of both the Divine & the Dragon Knight happy.

Anyway going back on topic, Dragon Commander is looking Awsome & I can't wait to see the end result. You guy's & gal's at Larian deserve to be heared, your Ideas & your Games are Gem's waiting to be discovered. I think it's about time the game industry did some prospecting, but I'm glad too see that there starting to move in the right direction. I hope the good press continues, though I don't see why it sould'nt, like I said the game look's amazing & I'd expect nothing less from you all. If you've shown us anything it's that you know how to make a game that your fan's will love & I have no doubt in my mind that when this game is offically out on sale & I have it added to my collection that I'll love it even more than I already do.

Anyway before I bore you all will my insane ramblings & overemotional opinions I'd just like to add 1 last thing. Thank you Larian, Thank you for giving us The Divinity Serise, Thank you for getting Krill to do the Music, Thank You for give us the best story's anyone could hope to be apart of & Thank you for being who you are. Your an amzing company with a great Imagination & an Awsome sence of humour Thank You Larian Thank You so much.