There is also a teleporter shrine just after the library, if hit and run tactics, the creature, stat boost potions, etc, can help with the goons.

Once you hit level 15 you can learn the Healing spell. The Ghost summon can heal you, if you have a piece of jewellery with that bonus or a spare skill point. If you stay between it and opponents it will be more likely to heal you than attack using its fireball spell.

The key on the chandelier is for the chest at the top of the stairs. The only way to get is to jump there, but the chest can also be opened by level 4 or 5 Lockpick.

There are lots of small differences between the original D2:ED and DKS. The biggest change is probably the redesign of the flying fortresses and removal of most of the anti-dragon shields there. With the Xbox version the camera distance was moved in closer, and the behaviour of Target Lock modified a bit.