New facts revealed:

  • Clothing can be worn under armor. You can wear ordinary clothing or leather padding for extra protection. You can even choose what underpants to wear under your clothing which is under your armor.
  • Drakes roam the world and are uber powerful. Drakes aren't mindless beasts though and they have their own language. They can possess your companions and make them turn against you.
  • If one of your companions gets possessed and becomes a thrall of the dragon, they will literally try to grab and hold you in front of the dragon for it to attack. AI in this game is amazing.
  • Drakes also have the power of flight and may take off into the sky with you hanging onto them if you grab them. If you drop from them at this height, you're dead for sure.
  • In another instance, a companion was grabbed by the drake and shouted to the player "Attack the drake while he's distracted with me!" which shows how amazing the AI is to realize the situation it is in.
  • Assassins have the same ability to jump upwards while climbing akin to the ability that Ezio from AC2 learns half way into the game.
  • Companions can be told to collect items for you so you don't have to.
  • The religion in the game is called The Faith and adherents worship one god called The Maker (Dragon Age lol).
  • There are zombies in the game and they look as varied and horrific as zombies from Resident Evil which is no surprise since the game is being developed by the same makers.
  • Sorcerers are massively powerful. Sorcerers can summon meteorites down from the sky and summon up huge tornadoes. The negative side? These spells take very long to cast and leave the sorcerers open to attack. This means that sorcerers need to be protected by warriors and fighters or other melee based classes.
  • Certain enemies come out at night and exploring certain regions may either be more dangerous or more safe at night. One region is a swamp which releases poisonous gases during the day but not at night.
  • There seems to be massive interaction with the environment. Nearly everything can be picked up, destroyed or used in some way. Items can be combined to craft items and ledges can be climbed up which means that the player can climb up mountains literally. Fruit can also be picked from trees.
  • If you toss a pig at one of your companions, they will catch the pig and toss it back.
  • Passive animals roam the world and you can even find baby dears roaming about with their parents.


Assassin Vs Drake:

Drake battle trailer:

Second 2 hour stream:

Slow Life trailer:

Some random cut scene from the game:

Character facial expressions are rather realistic. Even the silent protagonist feels alive as he/she will make facial expressions in cut scenes.

At one point, you're slaying dragons and griffins. Then you're exploring the world and meeting beautiful characters in a typical RPG fashion:

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

Random drake encounter.

Next, the game transforms into a survival horror as you enter caves. Lamps are actually fueled by oil and if you run out of oil, your lamp will go out and you'll be in pitch black:

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

GOTY material.

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