Hello all, I am a fourteen year old kid from the east coast. I first picked up the first Divine Divinity when I was six or so (how age appropriate!) Although I loved it, my adventures can only be described as stumbling through the game in retrospect.

So now almost seven years later, I found my old disk when sorting through some old boxes. Excited, I put it in the computer but alas, the other disk was lost.

Next year, after trying to find it and being sad I could not on and off for a few months, I finally decided to get it again. After several hours of searching, none of the local stores had it. Finally I discovered the beauty of Good old Games and those evil chaos wizards at Larian got my money twice.

I am now doing a completionist run because I never finished it due to boredom (got close but I was six of course) and am discovering all the great things I missed in the game. Most notably a sleepy lieutenant who I related to and wished had more part in the story.

I ain't gonna guarantee my stay, as I am only really interested in the first game (not very keen on the 3D graphics) and the community for it seems rather gone, but I will stay as long as I find discussion in those boards and all.

I hope to have a fun time talking to you all! I am amazed the game still has a good community!