I'm sick & tired of seeing game companys I love destroyed by EA, Bullfrog mythic & Bioware have all fallen victim to the ba***rd company Electronic A***holes. I hope this recent blow to EA's greed in regards to the ME3 outrage is somthing that hit's them very hard for a long time to come. Stocks it there company have been slowly declining since the end of last year & the recent outrage over the end of Mass Effect 3 has helped it to plumet even further.

I hope & pray that Larian will never fall victim to that a***hole company & I can safely say that I would cry if I ever found out they did. EA is pushing gamers too far & they need a good kick up the A***, but the only way to do that is to hit them where it hurts...There Pocket. After the devistation I felt over the ending of Mass Effect 3 I can say with all honesty if I see EA on the cover of a game it will be staying on the shelf.

EA's Victims

EA Worst Company In America

EA's Hit where It Hurts

I checked earlyer to see if EA's stock has continued to fall & it is now down do 16.21 I just hope it keeps falling & maybe they'll start to realise that being greedy is'nt good buisness.