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It seems with each new release comes another bold push from EA to pry more money out of gamers’ pockets. But it doesn’t work for consumers to yell “I hate you!” as they hand over their cash. The trade right now seems to be that gamers pay EA a tax in order to access titles they love. The rate keeps going up and up, but what choice do gamers have? Well, they could abandon these franchises and support companies that actually appreciate their players, rather than try to exploit them.

But that’s not realistic in today’s industry. Giant companies like EA and Activision control too much of the market for average gamers to boycott their titles. For every one proud activist who refuses to buy their games out of principle, there are a hundred more who simply don’t care. They’ll buy the titles, pick and choose what DLC they want, be annoyed with DRM and deal with a growing lack of creativity due to corporate interference. But in doing so, the industry gets a little worse with each new title.

Here, the saying of "too big to fail" gets a wholly new meaning ...

And my very, very cyniocal approach to it :

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This is perfectly matching my long-standing philosophical approach of "if a game isn't treated as a game anymore, but instead as a tool to generate money profits, then it isn't a game anymore".

EA is imho doing exactly that.

And, to be frank, EA is in my eyes nothing more than a Parasite : Buying creative companies and sucking them off their ideas & creativity.

And then letting the empty hull fall down, or maybe even revive it into some undead "living" much later (the "Origin" brand, for example).

EA has become a life-less emotion-less, a robotic exisdtence feeding on the cash off its consumers. It's a pure drain nowadays.

It is acting like a virus which needs others lives (read: money) in order to exist.

And right now, there are too many corporations like that. Money is their ultimative goal.

Not consumer satisfaction.

And what makes me shiver is that this way of "being" of such a "meta-entity" is partially caused by its heads : The are directing the company so that their pockets get filled, because they are usually among the bggest shareholders.

It's like a vicious circle : "The more you get, the more you want".

It's like cancer. In the business world.

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