Things it took me until this playthrough to learn about, discover, or realize:

Dragon Slayers armour has sharp points because Dragon Knights are known to bite the heads off their enemies.

I didn't realize the graves in Broken Valley could be interacted with.

There's a secret axe in Jackson's Cellar.

The amulet of Slantwig exists.

The order of the destinations which the teleportation touchplatates in the Derelict Tunnels send you is the same order you have to raise the amulets before the statue.

If you send the deserter David fleeing, you can mind-read him for an attribute point.

The mind-read of the Hermit points the way to Ulfmar's Axe, not the secret cave.

Playing as a man and talking to Ursula in the Prancing Seahorse does funny things with the camera angle.