Origins and ME2 were pretty good and sold well and were well received by both fans and critics. EA is to blame for rushing Bioware for DA2 and ME3 but the endings are Bioware's fault just as it's Bioware's fault for DA2's departure from Origins style gameplay.

Hopefully they listen to all their fans and start developing games as they used to. They used to be the best RPG developers on the planet and now that's changed. They're idiots for trying to appeal to the action and CoD crowd.

Compare ME3 to ME2. You get a shorter prologue which quickly skips to the combat. It's not as epic or slow as ME1 or ME2's prologue. Look at Dragon Age 2. You're thrown into the combat straight away upon entering the game which is a far departure from Origins where you went about talking to people and learning about characters and the darkspawn at the beginning of the game and even Ostagar (IMO) was pretty much part of the prologue. All in all, Origins' prologue lasts for 1- 2 hours as opposed to DA2's 10 min prologue.

Judging by ME3, future titles from Bioware are likely to be dumbed down action-RPG's.