I hear most people enjoyed the combat though. I think it would have been better though if Capcom done something similar to the Two Worlds demo where you're thrown into a part of the world but there's a time limit.

Optionally they could have done something similar to the Divinity 2 demo too so that players get to see the RPG side and combat side but since Capcom have been advertising this game on the combat alone it kind of does make sense for them to make the demo have two action-packed quests as opposed to any quests which would show the RPG side.

The only bad I've heard about the game from the previews is that the title theme sucks and that there's a few graphical glitches in the preview build which I hope don't make their way into the final build. It doesn't sound as though there's any serious bugs though and it's the polish which will be the make or break for me. If people say there's game-killing bugs in the game then I've avoiding this game like I avoided Fable 3 and Skyrim.

Peter Molyneux is still chucking copies of Fable 3 at me and I'm dodging them like a pro. Each copy lands in the trash and each time, Peter gets even more mad. Meanwhile Todd Howard throws broken copies of Skyrim at me. I like taunting him by saying that a "working" version isn't any different from the broken copies he keeps throwing. I hear Obsidian Entertainment is coming for me too. I hear they wish to throw Alpha Protocol and Fallout: New Vegas at me. I'll dodge them quicker than the Champion Richard's penis erects whenever he sees a woman.

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