That's more depthful Libertarian. It still doesn't sound like it makes Fable 3 look like Planescape though. A game would have to be completely void of choices to do that. Dragon's Dogma just sounds as though it has a few technical issues. I hear there's only one save too (WTF Capcom?) which is stupid for an RPG. Who the **** wants one save? We aren't talking about something similar to the Dark Souls save system. We're talking about only one gamertag being capable of having one character save file. If you want to create a new character you have to overwrite the old one.

Who's stupid idea was that? I love how Capcom ask people to play the game multiple times and create multiple characters with different classes and yet only provide one character save file. So if I want to replay the game I have to overwrite the save for my previous character (who I might have spent 200 hours on) just to play a new game? This is a game which is supposed to have NG+ too so it's not like my original character will just be left there for me never to touch again. NG+ means that I could easily come back to him later.

I don't know. Capcom have great ideas with this game but they've made some stupid design decisions too. Other than Libertarian's comment, I've heard good things about the gameplay from other people who have played the demo but Capcom have made poor decisions elsewhere.