My nephew keeps plotting to have me kidnap him lol, my sister asked me to babysit my nephew while she went into hospital for her checkup. My nephew is only 4 but 2 day's before my nephew said to me

"auntie squir, when you ring a taxi to go home, tell me & I'll hide. When mummys not looking I'll run into the taxi & hide on the floor so mum can't see me then I'll come home with you ok".

So when I went up to babysit him 2 day's later I had to pick him up from school. On are way home he said to me

"Auntie squir, we go home now & we'll grab Jack & we can go down your house before mummy comes home ok"

(jack is my sisters dog) I just laughed & said "ok mate whatever you say" so when we got back to the house my sister rang to see if everything was ok & I told her Chaces plan to have me kidnap him. I told he all this in front of Chace & he just stood there with his hands on his waist & said in a very serious tone

"Now she won't let me go"

of course it made me burst out into a fit of laughter & tears when I could finally talk I told my sis what he said & she laughed her head off as well.

My nephew has since stopped the kidnap plot because I've assured him he can stay down mine on the weekend during the holidays....bless him.