"You fucking lair." - My nephew, aged 5, in reply that I go to college and not school like he does.

If he was my son he would be getting spankings for use of such words. Sadly my grand parents - who look after him - aren't great on the discipline front and often allow him to do and say what he wants. Apparently when my mother washed his hair once he got upset - he's afraid of going under water - because she had promised that she wouldn't do it, so in retaliation he apparently said "You bitch!" while crying.

Seriously. I don't know where this kid is getting all these words from. I think the treatment that the University of Minnesota Spankalogical Protocol provides would sort him out good and proper though.

Hmmm...I reckon that non-stop spanking for 8 months would deal with a lot of children...

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Would defo like to do this to my nephew.

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