My nephew has said something in the supermarket that was very embarrassing and very racist directly to another shopper so I won't repeat what he said here but it required a lot of talking out of it.

It probably comes from the nursery / kindergarten as I live in a part of the UK where British people are becoming a minority. The nursery he goes to does not have many white kids there. His parents don't do the spanking (it's kind of illegal here) so he has the 'naughty corner' or just gets his toys taken away. Most cases this is enough.

It's changed a lot at school. When I was there one kid was made to stand with his hands on his head in just his underpants in the middle of the playground for an hour when it was snowing with temps below zero.
We got spankings - Maths teacher was worst. Stand on your chair pull down pants and spank bare arse with a metre long plastic ruler. Or electric pencil sharpener thrown at you. All this is illegal now.

By fire and by blood I join with thee in the Order of the Flame!

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