Well I played the demo and I don't know what the haters are talking about. Combat is amazingly fun, controllable and fluid but also realistic at the same time. I have full control over everything my character can do. I press LB and I can control my shield in whatever way I want as I'm given access to the skills associated with the shield (whether I want to charge up a bash attack, unleash multiple fast bash attacks or bang my shield to attract attention, meanwhile, simply holding LB allows me to block with it). Meanwhile, I press RB and all the skills for my weapon come up. Without any of these buttons pressed, I can jump, perform a normal attack, perform a heavy attack or grab someone.

I also noticed that if you don't instantly attack after performing your first normal attack, you can perform a new series of combos by waiting for the right time to strike after your first normal attack (this is when your character is getting ready to raise his/her weapon again after their first normal strike).

I'll admit, the controls took some getting used to at first but I'm a pro at combat now. It didn't even take that long for me to learn. I've played through both quests several times and each playthrough has been different simply due to the numerous options you have of dispatching enemies. I even did the prologue quest without any pawns just to see how difficult it would be. I ended up having an epic battle against the Chimera as a result.

The griffen fight is amazing. Each fight against it has turned out different. The best one was where I climbed up to some tall structure to start shooting at the griffen with my bow and then it comes swooping down to try and attack me and I simply jump and grab it and start attacking it in the sky.

This is a must buy for me but I'm still going to wait for that Ultimate Edition or at least a price drop. Besides, I have many games to finish and I'm not going to add a 100-200 open world RPG to that list any time soon!

The only real flaws I have seen with the game have been when I've watched a few videos on YouTube. The side quests don't really seem that interesting. Reviewers have also noted that the side quests are rather dull in terms of story. They also said that the main story itself isn't really that great (but supposedly there's a few good bits here and there and apparently the ending is really good).

But I mean the game presented itself as an action-RPG (and that's what Capcom called it) and for me, it's succeeded in that department. Way better than Amalur (which boasted to have the best combat in any RPG which is simply a lie) which I got bored with after 30 minutes. Thank God I only downloaded the demo of Amalur.