I have had 5 Steam keys for Divine Divinity to give away.

EDIT2: The contest is over. Thanks to everyone who entered and all who participated in the forum discussions.

Simply describe the game in 140 characters, or less.
If you can not contain your verbosity to within such a diminutive restriction, then use a few more characters... but then you'll have to do it in the form of a haiku or a limerick (I checked, there is no Nantucket in Rivellon), or something. Just be creative (and brief).

Email submissions to raze@larian.com, with 'Divine Divinity contest', or similar, in the subject. You can enter multiple times, if you wish, but only win once. In the event of similar submissions, the first received will be given priority. The contest will run through the weekend, with judging to occur Monday, and the winners announced late Monday or early Tuesday, and contacted by email with the Steam key.

I will confirm receipt of entries, but not by autoreply, so don't expect an immediate response. When the contest is over all email will be deleted, and only the addresses of the 5 winners will be kept.

EDIT: I've gotten a couple paragraph style descriptions, which wasn't really what I was aiming for. An example from a Russian contest to describe DD in 140 characters is "the bastard child of Planescape Torment and Diablo". I wanted to allow a little more flexibility, but still have a poetic / structural limit. Also, I don't want to read dozens of essays. biggrin

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