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Both the Witcher and Divinity Original Sin are dedicated to "mature rpg audience" and are packed with intelligent humour.

That's good to hear! Though since Divinity Original Sin isn't out yet, I'm not sure how you know how intelligent the humor is. Are you a beta tester or something? Or just hopeful? wink

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CD-Projekt will actually publish Divinity: Original Sin in Europe, so both companies cooperate with each other and should be heavily supported by us old farts smile

I didn't know that; that's cool. And yes, I love supporting companies that make GOOD games.

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PS. You are very well known in the Witcher community and your name rings a bell instantly smile

Aw, thanks for saying that. It's nice to know that I have a few acquaintances on this forum.

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PS2. I forgot to add that your Witcher mods are very popular and I hope to see your Divinity mods in the future as well cheer

I'm working on a stand-alone game of my own, so I don't expect to mod Original Sin. Then again, I never expected to mod The Witcher, so never say never! wink

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I've made a bunch of mods for The Witcher ; you can find most of them at The Witcher Nexus.